As the temperature starts rising and you start to stare in the mirror and worry about being pale take a closer look at some of those moles, freckles and birthmarks. They might be more than just a cute little dot. It could be a Melanoma spot developing. People at high risk of developing melanoma may have some of the following features taken from

· Blond or red hair, blue eyes, or fair skin
· More than 100 normal moles or many unusual moles
· Previous history of a melanoma
· Blood relative(s) with a melanoma

The article also shows various types of warning marks and melanomas for a visual reference, but everyone should go to a dermatologist to get a real check-up.

I have a large birthmark that gets me warnings by every doctor that has ever seen it, but I still haven’t had it checked out by a dermatologist. This thing has been pointed out since birth and neither I nor my parents have felt the urgent need to get it checked out, but two summers ago my mother developed a melanoma on her face. She had it removed and has had no further problems. I am 24 now and almost off of my parents’ medical insurance so it is a race against the clock to get all of the check up that I neglected while i was in college and running around the country. Before this summer is in full swing it is my goal to get it diagnosed and taken care of before it has the ability to get any worse. And who knows it might not be cancerous at all and nothing will happen…I doubt it though


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