I was so intrigued by the activity I found for yesterday’s post I continued
researching light sensitive art materials. We already knew of UV beads that change color in the sunlight, we used them for our bracelet making activity at the ICES Children’s Fair. We have also been experimenting with light sensitive inks and threads for future products. I found some cool photosensitive paper kits called SunPrint Kits. The paper turns blue in the sunlight and you can set it with water to keep it from further development. For those who really want to get serious about it you can make a photogram.

“A photogram is making a print in a photo lab without using a camera. By placing objects onto a piece of light sensitive paper in a darkroom, you can use an enlarger to cast light onto the paper and capture the silhouettes of the objects.”

You need some equipment to do these, but instructions on how to do this can be found here.