Last weekend I went camping with family and friends up in Kennedy Meadows, in the central Sierra Nevada Mountain Range of California. We had a big weekend of barbecuing, fishing, and other various out door activities planed, but snow and rain showers stifled much of those plans. That’s right I said SNOW! There were at least 3 small dustings, but we were below most of the bad weather. Every morning we could see newly snow covered trees on the hill side above us. Most of the group were troopers hanging out around the fire most  of the day acting like we weren’t wet and cold, but we all knew otherwise. It was a fun weekend with a lot of card games, delicious tri-tip, griddle-cooked breakfasts, noisy dogs and crazy 3 year olds. We even got out and played a little t-ball when the rain calmed. The high country is beautiful and I can’t wait to go back (when it is a little warmer). Hopefully the next time I venture up there I will have need for my UV Skinz