I honor of UV Safety Month I decided to present you all with some information on sunglasses. Sunglasses, at least versions of them, have been around for centuries! Their purposes and styles varied though the years before they evolved into what we know today. Here are some points of interest on the sunglass time line that might be of some interest.

1300cChinese judges wore smoke-colored quartz lenses to conceal their eye expressions in court.
1430cVision-correcting darkened eyeglasses were introduced into China from Italy
1700cJames Ayscough believed blue-green-tinted glass could correct specific vision impairments.
1929 Sam Foster found a ready market for sunglasses on the beaches of Atlantic City, New Jersey
1936 Sunglasses become polarized, Ray Ban began using Edwin H. Land Polaroid filter.
1960 A clever advertising campaign by Foster Grant makes sunglasses chic and popular.
2004 Oakley, eyeware company, developed Thump, sunglasses with built-in digital audio player.

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