Welp, we are back and settled in after the ABC (All Baby & Child) tradeshow in Las Vegas. We made some good contacts, good customers and goood friends while attending. The girls from Snugaboo kept us all entertained with their character blankets, the ladies from Baby Hawk always had candy to throw at us, Angie from Baby Brewing was hilarious, Monica from Mimi & Lola and the everyone from Wrap ‘n Wear gave us the VIP treatment in the Stratosphere. We met so many interesting and fun people it is hard to name them all, but I know that the tradeshow wouldn’t have been the same without them. The previous tradeshow I attended was frustrating and boring, the exhibitors were afraid to make eye contact and refused to engage in small talk during even the slowest moments of the day. I wish everyone of the exhibitors, especially the 1700 block, the best of luck with their products.