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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Superhero Protection from the Sun!

Did you know that protecting your skin during the first 18 years of your life can significantly reduce the risks of some types of cancer by up to 78%? That’s phenomenal information that all parents and caretakers need to know! As mothers and fathers, I know this has to be one thing you would like to be less worried about. Here’s a wonderful solution to help protect your loved ones from constant UV overexposure. UV Skinz is a company dedicated to raising awareness and helping to prevent skin cancer by providing a wide variety of products to ensure your whole family is safeguarded from the sun.

Their line of UV Skinz apparel is made out of a unique microfiber blend of materials that blocks out 98% of all UV rays and provides a UPF rating of 50+! With these sun protection shirts and bottoms, you’ll get to save money from buying so much sunscreen and time from having to constantly reapply the sunscreen. Not only does this clothing protect you from the sun, they are fashionable too which means your picky child or teen won’t mind wearing them. They also carry UV Sun Hats, UV Shades, and Accessories to complete the ensemble and provide maximum coverage against sun damage.
We received the Casey long sleeve kids skinz and silicon bracelet for Ethan. You can tell this shirt is of high quality and it was great that it didn’t affect his mobility while he played and continued in his daily activities. I especially liked knowing that when the sun is going full force here in the summer (living in the land of the midnight sun), my fears of sunburn and harming rays won’t stand a chance when he’s wearing this remarkable sun protection shirt. Ethan loves wearing it all around the house and while he’s playing outdoors claiming it’s his “superhero” shirt and you know what, he’s right. This shirt can be considered a superhero shirt as it does shield him from too much sun exposure and from eliminating the need to apply chemical laden sunscreens on his body. As soon as summer approaches again, I will be investing in my family’s health and be picking up more of their UV Skinz for the rest of our family!

You can find UV Skinz products online at and purchases over $50 ships free!
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