Here is a letter and some photos we received from some happy customers out who were vacationing out in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hi Rhonda,                                              Nov. 14, 2008

Thanks again so much for your getting our UV SKINZ to Istanbul. They saved us from 6 weeks of intense Mediterranean and Aegean sun! I mailed you two underwater snorkeling pics (from the kids’ underwater cameras), but attached are three more digital photos. The first is from the Aegean Sea–Prasonissi, Greece, an international windsurfing/kiteboarding mecca; the second is Julian Tristan kayaking over a sunken Roman village in the south of Turkey, and the third is from Patara Beach, a caretta-caretta turtle breeding ground on the Mediterranean in the south of Turkey. This was a locals’ beach, and the women’s “local version of UV Skinz” consists of swimming in their pants, shirts and head scarves. Frankly, it’s amazing they don’t drown!

At a local university pool in Istanbul, the lifeguard made the twins take off their UV SKINZ, telling them (in Turkish)”No clothes allowed in pool!” The Turks didn’t quite get it, in spite of our best attempt to explain. So if you want to expand your business…I know of a great place to start! 🙂

Thanks again. Your service and delivery of your product made our summer safe and fun! Cheryl Divine-Jonas (and Leah and Julian)