Now that Thanksgiving is over (but I’m sure the leftovers are not!) I’m feeling the pressure of holiday shopping. Our shopping budget this year will be tight so I will be looking for that one perfect gift for everyone.  I found these tips that will aid me in narrowing my gift choices down. Of course I want to buy my loved ones something that they will enjoy and something that will be useful year round. What is something that is cool? Something that is the must-have this holiday season? Something that will make eyes turn green with envy?…UV Skinz Swim Shirts! Ok, now that I made a choice let’s see how the swim shirt holds up against the gift buying tips;

1. Is this something they will really use?

  • Yes! UV Skinz can be worn in the summer, winter and all the months in between. It can be worn for all outdoor activities and is so comfortable it might be worn as pajamas. Sounds like it will get good use!

2. Is it something that will either, be consumed, be valuable and last a long time?

  • It can’t be consumed, but it is valuable. Having a SPF of 50+ UV Skinz swim shirt gives you ultimate sun protection. UV Skinz is made of a unique micro-fiber blend that is quick drying, chemical-free, and super soft–it is made to last!

3. Is it something that is needed?

  • YES! UV Skinz swim shirts block out 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. Wearing a swim shirt ensures that you are covered and protected. From newborn to 18 years old it is the most important time to teach and practice sun safety. Everyone needs UV Skinz! (and I’m not just being partial.)

What are the things that the other person would really love to receive?

  • Everyone would love to receive a gift that lengthens their life. Skin cancer is not a joke and taking sun protection seriously is the first step to living a skin cancer free life. Now that you know UV Skinz is the perfect gift–head on over and get one for your loved one right now! Did I mention that you get 15% of your entire order and free shipping for orders over $50?!