Read this! I received this email update a few days ago;

In case you don’t watch the ABC-TV Show Grey’s Anatomy I found this
episode last week very telling.

In July, a magazine reported that the show’s higher ups were considering
killing off popular character Izzy Stevens played by Katherine Heigl
after she withdrew from Emmy contention because she didn’t feel she was
“given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination.”

Producer Shonda Rhimes and the writers were reportedly upset with her,
and a source told the press that producers were considering giving her a
brain tumor. It’s their way of screwing with her. She won’t know whether
she’s going to live or die..

Instead the show revealed that the character discovers it’s metastatic
melanoma and it’s spread to her brain. The interns working at hospital
then say “The girl’s pretty much toast, Survival rate is five percent,”

While this is just a TV Show of course it will immediate heighten
awareness as I am sure many fans had no idea what melanoma was before
the show and just how serious it is.

Strange how this is finally getting national attention .

Wow! I didn’t realize that shows could use death as a kind of stab at an actor or actress!! At least one good thing would come of it by raising awareness about sun protection and skin cancer. Skin cancer is 100% preventable and that is something we all should remember. I know I never wore sunscreen as a child. Only when we went swimming because I was told the sun would reflect the worst from the water. Crazy! Right?! So, needless to say every time I smell that sunscreen smell I think of the swimming pool!

Regardless of the reasons behind this decision, it creates a buzz about melanoma. Melanoma and sun protection should be talked about a lot more. Especially to our younger generations.  Now that Journey is three she is asserting her own independence by asking me the “why’s?” of everything with hopes of  changing my mind or just plain saying “No” she won’t do something I ask of her. (How I miss those baby days when she just complied because she didn’t know any better) So, it caught me by surprise a little bit (well, kind of!) when Journey told me she didn’t want to wear her sunscreen the other day.  She flat out said, “No, I don’t want that on me!”

“You have to wear it, it’s not a choice.”


Since I didn’t really know how to explain it to her, I just told her straight and simple.

“Sunscreen protects us from the sun ray’s because they could give us cancer and we could die. So, it is very important we protect ourselves with sunscreen. Even if you are brown–you still wear sunscreen.” (We have already talked on the subject of death–I don’t want you to think that I would say it to her so harshly. I have explained to her that everything lives and dies–it’s the circle of life).

She accepted my answer and allowed me to put her sunscreen on. (Mission accomplished!)

I hope I went about it the right way…So, tell me how you explain sun protection to your kids and family. Do you talk with them about skin cancer? I really would love to hear all of your comments so don’t be shy!

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