I know you’ve heard of Superman and Batman, but they have nothing on the skin cancer fightin’ Super Hero, Captain Cutaneum! His alter-ego is an Arizona dermatologist dedicated to educating people about skin cancer and prevention.

story(Source: www.abc15.com)

This tights-wearing dermatologist uses comic books to educate people about the dangers of melanoma and basal cell carcinoma.

“I’m trying to teach about the skin health, skin cancers, sun protection, so I try to give it a scientific edge,” said Captain Cutaneum.

But this dermatologist also writes his own catchy rock songs on an electric guitar to spread awareness about skin damage from the sun.

“I’m often times asked, why the music and the answer is because some super heroes need to rock more than others.”

With three comics and a theme song, this crime fighter says his only goal is to reduce skin cancer in the Valley of the Sun.


Go check out his website for more information and also listen to his very rockin’ music! I have to admit that I was groovin’ to his songs. Let your kids listen too! What an amazing way to reach our younger generation about the absolute importance of sun protection.

I would love to hear what you think about Captain Cutaneum? Do you use music to teach your children valuable lessons? And don’t you wish there was more music out there with a positive approach to actually educating our young people?