PhotoStory Fridaydsc085921
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

This is my first Photostory Friday…I thought that I would share some pictures of the girl’s in their new “skinz” and our Wonderful Day at the Park!  Yesterday was a gorgeous day and the weather seemed just perfect for a day at the park.  Just behind our house there is a great bike path that leads all the way to what we like to call “the duck park.” Since the sun was shining and there was a light breeze in the air, I decided that I would roller blade them down to the park. That is how our Wonderful Day begun!

Getting ready was easy–I dressed the girl’s in their uv swim sets; Journey wore the purple Popsicle swim shirt with matching purple board shorts and Faith wore her pink butterfly print swim shirt. Since she is so fair-skinned and prone to scrapping her knees I didn’t have her wear her shorts to the park. Instead she wore pink linen pants to keep her cool and her legs safe! Even though they were wearing the best sun protection around (*wink) I didn’t forget to apply sunscreen to their faces, ears, neck, arms and legs.

Once at the park, Faith claimed a spot in the sand to dig for treasures while I pushed Journey on the swings.


Even Faith decided that she would take a chance on the “big girl swings.” Faith always wants to swing with me, but somehow she got the courage to swing all by herself for the first time!


She was so proud of herself and I was just as proud!

At one point we had to take a potty break and Journey was pretending to talk to Princess Aurora and Cinderella on her imaginary cell phone.  The conversation lasted a good five minutes (to and from the bathroom) and I even had to chat with the Princesses too. Well, Journey kept telling them that she was having a wonderful day at the park! It was too cute and very sweet (and a little weird that my 3-year-old was really talking to Disney Princesses).  We were having a such a wonderful day at the park, so while Journey and Faith ran off to climb the jungle gym together I headed over to the ice cream truck to get them a special treat for the stroller-roller-blade-ride home.

As I was returning with their sundae cups I saw a situation brewing atop of the double slide. As I walked closer I saw two big boys sitting at the top of the slide and Journey and Faith waiting their turn. Then I saw Journey’s face a little scowled and heard her say, “Don’t do that to my sister!” When I came close enough I asked if everything was alright and the boys just stared at me. In my nicest I’m-not-your-mommy-but-you-should-listen-to-me-anyway-voice I asked them to go down the slide so that Journey and Faith could have a turn. They complied and then my girl’s had their turn.

Once we were all ready to leave the park I asked Journey what happened at the top of the slide. She told me that one of the boys had called Faith a chicken! And Journey stood up for her little sister by saying, “Don’t do that to my sister!” I was so proud of her and told her that she did a good thing by sticking up for Faith.

We did have a great day at the park. What I am most happy about is that Journey is growing into such a great little girl. She always knows how to make me smile, she is so sweet and caring. I love that she felt she was having a Wonderful Day, but the best part of the day was after the park and all the laughter when both Journey and Faith took a very long nap and left me with perfect quietness!