Just how much water should your toddler drink everyday and how can you make them drink more water? (Here is an answer from Baby Center)

According to the Institute of Medicine, a child between the ages of one and three needs about 1.3 liters of water a day. Since their body weight is much less than those of adults, toddlers can become dehydrated easily; they also tend to ignore their thirst while caught up in play. By the time your child realizes he is thirsty he may already be mildly dehydrated and he will most probably ask for water once he feels tired or a bit dizzy.

If your toddler is not drinking enough water, dilute juice with equal parts of water before giving it to him. Or whisk two tablespoons of yoghurt with a glass of water and a pinch of salt to make refreshing chaach. A fresh lemon or orange squeezed into half a glass of water with a pinch of sugar/salt is another healthy alternative.

Journey and Faith are what my mother-in-law calls, “Juice Girls.” But mixing their juice (about 1/4 cup) with water (about 3/4 cup) in their sippy cups has just become a habit we have gotten into. Not as often as I would like they will sometimes drink water from my water bottle or ice-cold water from a cup. This is something that I think I have to actually wean them from, but I also feel that if they are at least drinking water (even if it is flavored with juice) then they are much better off than I was as a child; drinking soda’s and juice boxes.

Keeping your child hydrated is the first step, but the next is to give them something cool to drink from!


We had a chance to try Fluid Cups from Boon Inc., Innovations for Modern Parents. feedingpk_fluid

I never thought of myself as a modern parent, but I naturally don’t do things the way my Mom did them. Now I have more knowledge about what is best for my children, what is harmful and the parenting is more organic.  That is why when I found Boon Inc. I knew I just had to see for myself what made them unique.

Boon Inc. was co-founded by a Mom and Designer, Rebecca Finell. Rebecca then partnered up with  Ryan Fernandez in order to create Boon Inc. The main goal of  Boon Inc. is to develop affordable and innovative products for parents and their children. At Boon Inc. there is also a a big commitment to creating products that are of high quality and safe!

The first thing I like about the Fluid Cups is that they can be used from 9 months and up, plus they are chemical free!

  • BpA-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • PVC-free

Read more here to understand why you should Pass Up the Plastic when it comes to yourself and your children (and our children’s children for that matter!)

Only having a 9 oz capacity and sippy spout that doesn’t allow too much guzzling is another positive about the Fluid Cup. I loved the way that Journey and Faith’s little hands fit around the Fluid Cup and once filled with liquid, the cup didn’t seem heavy or hard to hold. I was also thinking that the hole in the middle could be used to attach one of those bungy stroller cords to keep the cup from being thrown down (a favorite pass-time of Faith’s).  But Journey also enjoyed using it as a spying scope!


This streamlined toddler cup has an ergonomic, two-handed grip that is perfect for small hands. The angled spout requires less head tipping, making it more comfortable to use.


  • Angled spout requires less head tipping
  • Ergonomic two-handed grip
  • Perfect for small hands
  • Two-piece design
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Holds 9 oz.
Thanks to Boon Inc. they are giving you a chance to win a Fluid Cup of your own! You can choose the Pink or the Orange, but either way you won’t be disappointed with the product or the customer service!
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