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UV Skinz pictureWhat a beautiful day to be outdoors!

They look like they had an amazing time at the lake and what is even more amazing is that they were free to explore and play without the worry of sunburn and reapplying more sunscreen than they needed because all UV Skinz carry a UPF 50+.  Actually when I first saw this picture I had a sigh of relief and a burst of excitement! Here are teenage boys, wearing UV Skinz, and still enjoying their time outdoors.  This picture shows that UV Skinz is reaching one of the most important demographics. Boys.  It is true that most teenage boys go through their teen years with a reckless abandon and an it-can’t-happen-to-me kind of attitude. This attitude can even spill over until the boy grows into a 35-year-old-man. (I still have to remind my husband to wear sunscreen and in most cases I apply it to him).

A survey by the American Academy of Dermatology ” confirms that teenage boys are the worst violators when it comes to protecting themselves from the sun. This may explain why studies cite middle-age and older men with higher rates of skin cancer than any other gender or age group.” Teenage boys are the hardest demographic to reach with any health warning. “They don’t equate their bad behavior in the present with bad things happening to them later in life as a consequence. Skin cancer is no exception.”

Rhonda founded UV Skinz after losing her husband to Melanoma. He enjoyed many of his teenage years surfing and being outdoors without even the thought that one day he would lose his life to this disease.

“Invasive melanoma, which is the hardest type of skin cancer to treat, is currently the fifth most common cancer in men.”

One of her biggest fears is that her  sons will develop skin cancer as well. That is why she is so committed to raising awareness about the importance of good sun protection for all children, adults and especially teens. Physical protection is much better than chemical protection. Wear your UV Skinz (*wink), stay in the shade as much as possible, avoid the sun at the peak hours of the day (10am-4pm), wear a wide-brimmed hat, and if you are in the sun apply and reapply a SPF 30+ sunscreen.  Easy enough, right?

Remember that the UV Skinz “I Saved A Baby’s Skin Today” Campaign ends soon! You still have 5 days to place an order and receive your FREE pay-it-forward baby skinz!

Wouldn’t you want to save a baby’s skin like this cutie pie below? They are both so cute I just can’t get enough and neither can America! Thanks to this and many other pics of the handsome duo UV Skinz is featured on Insider Online and 4  magazines; People, US Weekly, In Touch and OK!!!


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