Spring 2009 114UV Skinz was recently featured on Giveaway Today! Thanks to Emily for letting us borrow her husband for a Wordless Wednesday. He is sportin’ a Michael Nautical Navy UV Skinz.

June is an extra special month for UV Skinz, not only is Father’s Day coming up, but June 2009 is the 40th birthday month of Darren (Rhonda’s late husband).  To celebrate the life of Darren, UV Skinz is offering a 15% coupon code for all online orders. Just enter 09SUMMER15 to receive your discount!

We all know how important it is to protect our children from the harmful rays of the sun, but don’t forget that our children grow to be Father’s and Mother’s. Nobody wants to lose someone close to them to a disease that is preventable.  I usually take it upon myself to make sure my husband is wearing his sunscreen.  He always says that it is too late for him to worry about sunscreen because he has already exposed himself to the sun (unprotected) and he has always had a horrible passion for tanning.  He is right that most of the damage has been done because 50%-80% of our lifetime sun exposure is before the age of 18. Even so, I don’t think it is ever too late too begin to care for yourself, especially if it is for your benefit.

Remember that the coupon code 09SUMMER15 goes through the end of June!

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