Such a cutie! Thanks again to A Psych Mommy for letting us borrow her adorable son for Wordless Wednesday! She has spotlighted UV Skinz and brings up some good facts about where and when you can actually wear your UV Skinz–which is pretty much everywhere! Even on cloudy days, sunny days, to the park, beach, zoo, and any outdoor activity were you would be exposed to the sun for more than 2 hours. The uv protection is woven right into the fabric to give you sun protection that never washes off and that is chemical-free.

UV Skinz swim shirts are made of a nylon and spandex combination that makes the material extra smooth and soft. Babies, children and even adults love to wear them because they are just so comfortable!

A Psych Mommy is also giving her readers (and you)a chance to win a UV Skinz item of your choice during her Travel Spotlight Giveaway event. Go and check it out!

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