I am so glad that the weather has been cooperating lately because I have been itching to try out my new Wrapsody Water Wrap from Gypsy Mama in actual water for the last few weeks. I did get a chance to use it in the pool and at the beach–I was so amazed at the comfort and versatility. I have to admit that both of my daughters are California-water-babies. We mostly love to spend our days at the beach and it was only last summer that my 3-yr-old, Journey, overcame her fear of the ocean; finally gathering the courage to go deeper into the water. My 2-yr-old, Faith,  is still a little afraid of big bodies of water and that’s were the Wrapsody Water Wrap (would have) fit in so perfectly. If only she would have cooperated! Faith refused to get in the sling and only wanted to hang out on the blanket and dig in the sand.

Journey on the other hand, climbed right in. I wasn’t suprised because I always wore Journey in a sling when she was a baby. My husband would call her my little egg! Well, my “little egg” is now so much bigger and I had no problem holding her in the sling. I tied it so that I could carry her on my hip and that’s where she stayed. She told me that she was really comfortable and we had a great time just splashing around in the waves. I actually felt much safer this way, rather than worrying if she will get carried away by the waves. 🙂 I was able to still move freely, she was safe, and we had so much fun!


At the pool I carried both Journey and Faith (Yea!). Faith ended up having a good time. She clung to me the whole time which wasn’t a problem because she was snug in the wrap and I was able to use my hands to assist Journey while she swam. It was absolutely perfect!

What I liked!

  • Soft, smooth and stretchy material which is 100% polyester
  • Dries very quickly
  • Machine washable
  • Very comfortable
  • I love that it is a wrap around baby carrier because of the versatility

kalisha and faith768

The Wrapsody Water Wrap is what baby wearing is all about. It’s being able to have your child close, enjoying life and being comfortable!  I am so glad that I found such a great product that promotes the real importance of baby wearing. Wrapsody by Gypsy Mama was founded by Kristia, a single mom,  because she wanted to have a way  to raise happy and healthy children while supporting her family. She admits that she wore her children so much that she doesn’t even own a stroller! I really loved wearing my girls too. It was just so easy. While everyone else was dealing with bulky strollers and stray children, all I had to do was pop them in the sling and go!

Here are some benefits of carrying your baby in a Wrapsody carrier:

  • Builds Brighter Minds
  • Develops Happier Babies
  • Makes Happier Families
  • Creates Healthier Babies
  • and Promotes Healther Parents

The Wrapsodysite is full of information on anything you need to know about baby wearing, caring for your sling, baby wearing hairstyles, tips, and don’t forget shopping! Besides the Wrapsody Water Wrap there are many different baby carries to choose from as well as accessories.

As a special treat for the UV Skinz readers Kristi is offering a discount code to use! Just enter the code: SKINZ and shop away!

I really feel like this is a great accompaniment to the UV Skinz swim shirts because they really allow you to be free and have fun in the sun! I want to know your thoughts on baby wearing…and which type of carrier you prefer. Leave a comment and let’s talk baby wearing!


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