Lately, I have seen many “imitation”  swim shirts for sale and since I own UV Skinz those other swim shirts do not impress me. Not one bit. Even Rhonda’s Mother-In-Law has spotted a poorly made imitator that is misleading consumers by marketing their swim shirt to have an SPF 50 instead of UPF (which is the correct labeling for uv protective clothing).

It is up to you to make your own decision on the type of uv swim shirt you choose to buy, but you should also be informed that not all uv swim shirts are made equally…

Here is how to spot a fake:

  • Unlike UV Skinz, those “other” swim shirts are misleading. They promise to provide a uv protection of SPF 50. SPF only protects against UVB rays and doesn’t provide all day protection. UV Skinz carry an UPF 50, protect against UVA and UVB rays and is the best choice for all day protection.
  • Imitation uv swim shirts are made of lesser quality material and have irritating tags which can cause chaffing, skin irritations, and rashes during any type of movement like running and playing. UV Skinz don’t have irritating seams or tags. They are made of a unique micro-fiber blend that is smooth and comfortable. Plus you will never have to worry about mildew stains because they are quick-drying.
  • The last way to spot a fake is by the price. Now I am cheap when it comes to buying things, but I always believe that you get what you pay for. If an imitator’s price seems to good to be true then most likely it is. UV Skinz provides the highest quality that will last you hand-me-down after hand-me-down at an affordable price.

Buying UV Skinz has been the best investment I’ve made since saving for my daughter’s college education. Seriously! Just one kids uv swim shirt costs on average about $30, but will last and keep providing uv protection for years. A bottle of sunscreen that costs $10 (I’m cheap!) will last maybe a month when used daily. If you spend $10 a month on sunscreen (at the least), then in a year you will have spent $120 or more on sunscreen–compared to a one time buy of $30!

UV Skinz swim shirts are definitely the more cost efficient choice of sun protection.

When I think of UV Skinz swim shirts the first thing that comes to mind is the high-quality and amazing craftsmanship. My girl’s have never complained about wearing their UV Skinz because they are so silky-smooth and comfortable. It is an extremely easy solution to fast sun protection and with all the unique styles and sizes you are sure to find one for every member of your family.

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