UV Skinz swim shirts are so versatile that even though the name implies “swimming”, they can be worn any day–all day!

See UV Skinz featured on Canada AM! (Video segment starts at 1:56)

Here are some reasons why UV Skinz is the best choice in UV protected clothing!

  • Cost effective — A garment costs about the same as one or two bottles of sunscreen, but lasts much longer
  • On average, a more effective UV blocker — Less prone to “missed spots” or “under application”
  • Dependable — Doesn’t wash off, rub off, dissipate, penetrate, or expire
  • Not messy — Spillproof
  • Not an irritant — Doesn’t cause eye irritation or acne
  • Quicker to apply — Covers large areas in a hurry


UV Skinz at a softball gameUV Skinz at a softball game

Thanks to Traveling with Baby for the great pic!