UV Skinz UPF 50+ protective outdoorwear line has been around since 2005 and the products have been environmentally-friendly from the start.
UV Skinz protect wearers from the devastating effects of the sun while also protecting the

environment from the potentially devastating effects of human interaction. The human protection

factor is in the tight nylon/spandex weave of the fabric that blocks out 98% of harmful UV rays.The environmental protection factor can be attributed to the lack of chemicals in UV Skinzproducts. “UV Skinz are free of harsh chemicals that can not only irritate sensitive skin…” says

Skinz founder, Rhonda Sparks, “…but also, over time, and especially in marine locations with

heavy tourist traffic, cause damage to sensitive animal and plant life.” Sparks goes on to say that

“while our main goal is to keep babies, children and adults UV damage-free, we’ve always been

proud that our products play a part in protecting the outdoor environs in which we love to play.”