Could you or someone you know be addicted to tanning? UV rays in tanning beds have an effect on the production of endorphins, chemicals released from the brain that produce euphoric like feeling in the body. Endorphins are often referred to a our bodies natural morphine, reducing the pain we feel.

A study done at Wake Forest found these results:

They followed 8 people who tanned at tanning beds frequently, from 8 to 15 times a month and 8 people who tanned less than 12 times year. All participants were given a drug to block endorphin production and were instructed to tan in UV and non UV tanning beds.

Those who tanned frequently were more apt to UV ray based beds than their less tanning counterparts. When using non-UV beds, the frequent tanners developed symptoms that are similar to narcotics withdrawal. The less frequent tanners did not experience any symptoms.

Besides the known causes of addiction, tanning is an epidemic of obsession. It’s now wonder that teens and young adults are infatuated with the idea of tanned, bronzed skin with so many T.V. shows and celebrities broadcasting that tanned skin is beautiful. In reality tanning and especially obsessive tanning poses many risks.

  • Money
  • Skin cancer
  • irreversible skin damage

People who are addicted to tanning not only will go through withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and the shakes when they stop, but are also addicted to the color their skin gets with tanning.

Addiction is why tanorexics can’t simply slather on self-tanners — just as chain-smokers can’t be cured with a stick of gum. Come winter, rather than give up their drug, sunheads (70 percent of them are Caucasian women, ages 16 to 49) hit the tanning salon — which is even more dangerous than overdoing it outdoors. “Tanning lamps emit four times more damaging UVA rays than the sun,” explains Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Jody A. Levine. What’s more, your risk of melanoma (the most deadly skin cancer) increases 75 percent if you tan indoors before age 35.

What can we do as a community and a country to help prevent tanorexia in our children and teens?

  • Teach loving yourself fully!
  • Go With Your Own Glow
  • Promote positive, healthy and realistic body images
  • Wear UV Skinz!

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