The staff of Marie Claire chose to bare it all (well close to it) in honor of skin cancer in the middle of Times Square! Talk about raising awareness–who wouldn’t miss this bold statement.

Marie Claire joined  the Skin Cancer Foundation for their “Wipe Out Skin Cancer” campaign. The magazine agreed to donate $100 in the name of every Marie Claire staffer who arrived at the photo shoot in a swimsuit-and $200 for those who braved it in a bikini! They passed out 1000 packs of Shady Day wipe-on sunscreen to passersby, then they asked three women whose lives were touched by skin cancer to share their stories.

How far would you go to show your support of skin cancer awareness? Leave a comment and let us know if you would earn $100 or the big $200?!

The stories of the three women will be shared starting tomorrow and every Friday after.