2010 has been a growing year for UV Skinz. With each step we take, we are getting closer to achieving our mission to “get kids covered” and raise awareness about Melanoma prevention.

Under the About Us tab on the main UV Skinz website there are a list of quotes. The title is, What Drives Us? Each quote speaks true to who UV Skinz is. UV Skinz is not just a company, but a personal legacy that must be carried out (in the name of Darren). Behind it all, UV Skinz treasures life and family.

The goal is to share each quote on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. In hopes that you (our fans and customers) can get to know UV Skinz, leave your comments, photographs or share your experience with us. What drives us are the simple things and each quote represents any and all of us.

Margaritaville is a real place.”

Jimmy Buffets song, Margaritaville, gives off a care free and laid back vibe. Yes. We believe that Margaritaville is a real place because UV Skinz allows you to be care free so that you can enjoy life and live for the bright sunshine! You can fully enjoy life because our uv protected swim shirts, hats, and clothing all offer great chemical-free sun protection. It’s the peace of mind that might cause you to drift to that warm beach with the cool breeze…down in Margaritaville.