It can be difficult at times to keep our moral up when we are faced with hard times, but laughter is really the best medicine. There is definitely power in humor, smiling and laughing. Even a forced laugh can produce enough endorphins to make you a little more cheerful.  At UV Skinz our mission is for anyone who tries UV Skinz swim shirts will be able to get outdoors and enjoy life. Laugh and play while staying worry-free and assured that our uv protected swim shirts will block 97% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

At UV Skinz we believe Laughter Heals!

Last week I shared a Wordless Wednesday picture of a customer of ours that is battling Melanoma. I would just like to thank him and his family for letting us into their lives and sharing those wonderful photos with us! Here are a couple more and I would like for you to take note of one special thing that we all have. Something that even when the road ahead looks unsure and we may feel there is nothing left. We can smile!


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