An article released in Modern Medicine is touching on a subject that seems to be allowing many people to slip through the skin cancer prevention cracks. Messages of skin cancer prevention and awareness have not been targeting people of color; Hispanics or African-Americans. Studies done in Florida have shown that “Melanoma rates among minorities signal a need for targeted outreach.” The American Academy of Dermatology is promoting Melanoma awareness among non-whites by targeting radio stations, but what is really needed are more ad campaigns showing Hispanics and African-Americans–not just fair-skinned people. Everyone is at risk of developing skin cancer. The sad thing about it is that people of color are more likely to get diagnosed later in the stages of Melanoma because of a lack of early detection.

 More needs to be studied in order for the skin cancer awareness messages to be effective, but as a woman of color it’s exciting to see the process unfold. In my very first experience with UV Skinz I wrote that “my eyes have truly been opened.” Before I had the opportunity to try UV Skinz swim shirts and learn about Melanoma, I had no clue that skin cancer sees no color.  Everyone needs to be sun-safe, conduct annual skin check and everyone (even people with darker skin) need to wear and reapply sunscreen, daily.