Like This!

News flash! There is this awesome free online application for patients with malignant melanoma. It’s called Targeted Therapy Finder–Melanoma.  This application is specific to patients that have been diagnosed with late-stage melanoma.

Collabrx of Palo Alto has developed this first of its kind application (app) under the leadership of noted internet entrepreneur and melanoma survivor Marty Tenenbaum.

The app is based upon the science of the original Melanoma Molecular Disease Model (MMDM) in Cancer Commons built by David Fisher and Keith Flaherty of Harvard Medical School and Smruti Vidwans and colleagues on our staff.

How it works:

The science of molecular genomics is leading to our ability to sub-classify many cancers, and those new subtypes have provided opportunities to develop and use potential targeted therapies. No field of cancer has progressed faster than melanoma in elucidating this new approach. Based upon genomic molecular testing, many melanomas are found to have mutated genes that affect metabolic pathways. There are promising therapies that may target specific melanomas once mutations are identified.

Most patients and many physicians are not yet aware of these options. Voila’! Http:// 

After reading the article and being completely confused, I decided to try it out for myself. Once at the homepage I answered four questions, clicked Search and was given the best possible therapies for the type of melanoma one would be diagnosed with. I was surprised by the detail. First, I selected early stage melanoma and it referred me to other website resources since the Targeted Therapy Finder is for patients with late-stage melanoma. Then I selected late-stage melanoma and it provided the summary of the mutation, suggested inhibitors to try, a list of the clinical trials, and suggested reading.

The Targeted Therapy Finder looks like a great resource for patients and doctors to use. You can find out for yourself and read more about it at The Health Care Blog.