The new iphone app, Handyscope, can turn your iphone into a cancer screening device! This is awesome news for those of us obsessed with skin cancer checks by allowing you to capture and save magnified photos of suspicious moles. The Handyscope attachment was created by FotoFinder and actually turns your iphone into a professional dermatoscope. By just attaching the Handyscope to your iphone it gives the camera a magnifying power of 20x. It also comes with an app that could be used to check whether or not the person is suffering from skin cancer.

FotoFinder will launch the handyscope in February at the 69th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology in New Orleans. UV Skinz staff will be there this year and if we get a chance to check-out the Handyscope we will let you know all about it!

Health professionals can order the handyscope for 1,166.20 euro (approx. US$1,590), while the app costs US$11.99 through the iTunes App Store.