Last month, two Melanoma survivors from Australia, Clint and Jay, road-tripped around the US spreading the word about the dangers of tanning salon use. Along the way they interviewed people who have been touched by melanoma, talked with educators and the public while video blogging every step of the way. You can see the video blogs on their website Melanoma Road Trip USA. They want to educate the young adults in the US that melanoma is a deadly disease that sometimes can’t just be cut out. It’s a harsh reality, but that is one of the reasons why it is so important to take the extra precautions and not allow minors to use tanning beds. Most of the people interviewed admitted that they used tanning salons or waited too long to get checked out. There are some real candid interviews that I really enjoyed watching. It’s eye-opening to  learn a little more about melanoma and it’s side-effects, especially on the lives of the people affected. Also amazing to see someone take a tragedy and turn it into a way to help other people live more happy and fulfilling lives. Reminds me of someone we all know around here at UV Skinz (Rhonda)

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