Two Kalamazoo residents, Art Hoesktra and Maria Drawhorn, work to raise awareness and the survival rate of a rare Melanoma. What started off as a discolored nail turned out to be Acral Letignous Melanoma. So rare that only 80 people are diagnosed a year and it is more common for minorities to be diagnosed with this type of melanoma. Hoesktra and Drawhorn share a goal to raise awareness among patients, health care providers and nail technicians. Nail technicians are in the perfect position to observe any changes or discolorations that could lead to an early diagnosis. Just like with all Melanoma, early detection is key! So  the two have launched a Nail Cancer Awareness Campaign in hopes to have their message reach every doctor and manicurist by May 2012. Just in time for National Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Read more of the article at

I thought that it was kind of awesome that Hoesktra was wearing a Bob Marley shirt in the photo. Paying respects to a great musician who didn’t survive his diagnosis of acral letignous melanoma.