It’s that time of year again, Spring Break!!  With the beginning of Spring on March 20th, our Facebook fans shared  how they celebrate the first day of Spring. One fan said that their family has a “1st day of Spring” egg hunt! How fun!! Another said they put out the patio furniture and set up the trampoline. Both are great ways to be with family and enjoy the outdoors!

As we are coming out of winter it is time to starting thinking about our families sun safety routine. Here is an example of an awesome sun safety routine that a Facebook fan shared;

“We make sure our kids wear sun shirts and hats and a 30 spf sun block. I wear my UV Skinz shirt (great product!) and use a 65 spf sun block (I don’t like to get sunburned!) My wife uses a 40-50 spf sun block and hangs out under the umbrella.”

Leave a comment and share your sun safety routine!

Spring is the time when we all get the itch to be outdoors, shed our winter coats and feel the sun on our faces. Along with the longer daylight and trips to tropical places we all need to remember to be sun-safe! The American Academy of Pediatrics  has released a detailed list of Spring Break sun safety tips for the whole family, from birth to adults. The website page also gives you the option to email the tips to your friends and family. I just wanted to share a few of the tips and you can follow the link to see the rest.


Dress babies in light-weight clothing, like UV Skinz and keep babies under six months out of the direct sun.


Choose a sunscreen made for children and choose clothing with a tight-weave and breathable. UV Skinz combo sets are perfect for children!

If your child gets a sunburn contact your pediatrician immediately!

Adults and the use of tanning salons:

The intensity of UVR radiation produced by some tanning salons can be 10 to 15 times higher than the midday sun.

The AAP supports legislation prohibiting minors under 18 years old to use tanning salons.

 These are just tips to keep you and your family safe! Enjoy your Spring Break and “like” UV Skinz on Facebook to connect with UV Skinz and all our awesome fans!!