Basic sun-safety is an important part of skin protection, but we also have to consider what we are putting into our bodies. Fresh, colorful and organic foods that can help our body boost its natural defensives against invasive and tricky cancer are best. The Today Show provided a list that I want to share with you. All of these foods are probably already in your diet and if they aren’t then they can be easily added.

1. Garlic

Garlic lowers the level of nitrates found in urine. Processed meats and hotdogs have very high levels of nitrates. These nitrates can morph into nitrites and can become cancer cells. Add garlic to pasta sauces or make home-made garlic bread using fresh cloves!

2. Broccoli

Raw or barely steamed broccoli contains the highest levels of sulfates which target cancer stem cells. Steam broccoli with a couple of lemon slices for a fresh flavor!

3. Berries

Fresh berries, especially black berries have phytochemicals that prevent the formation of new blood vessels called angiogenesis. A study using rats found that black raspberry extract prohibited the growth of esophageal cancer tumors. You can top your favorite yogurt and granola with fresh berries or add berries to a smoothie.

4. Tomatoes

The lycopene which gives tomatoes and other fruits and veggies their color are antioxidants that delay the growth of cancer cells in endometrial and prostate cancer. Cooking tomatoes actually brings out the lycopenes¬†so don’t be afraid to add whole fresh tomatoes to pasta sauces or burrito fillings.

5. Black and Navy Beans

Beans are definitely good for your heart, but they are also amazing cancer fighters too! Beans contain short chain fatty acids called butyrates. These acids are formed in the intestine during digestion and high levels of these acids have been proven to be effective agaisnt cancer cells. Add beans to salads and even brownies!