Now until the end of April you can save 20% on ALL kids long-sleeved UV Skinz!

This discount applies to every long-sleeve kid style and size. Each UV Skinz comes with a cool bracelet in fun colors! You can also rest-assured that all of our uv-protected swim shirts offer the same all-day protection with a UPF of 50+.

What are the real-to-life savings? Think about it this way; for $12-$23 you can buy a three to eight ounce bottle of sunscreen. To lather up one child a day would take at least 2-3 ounces of sunscreen (or more if you were reapplying every two hours). That’s a lot of  sunscreen a month for just ONE child! Instead of wasting money on bottles and bottles of sunscreen you could invest $28 on ONE UV Skinz swim shirt and save at least $35 a month. You will use less sunscreen because our long-sleeve skinz cover your childs chest, back and arms–saving you time and money!

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