“What’s A Sunburn?” are exactly the three words we want children to know now and generations to come.  Just one childhood sunburn doubles your chance of developing melanoma in adulthood. Starting young and teaching good sun-safety habits is just as important as teaching early oral health or how to cross a street. This month, in honor of National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, UV Skinz has been committed to covering up babies all over the country and the world. This May 2011 marks the 4th Annual “Save A Baby’s Skin” campaign.

Every order placed during May will receive a complimentary Special Edition baby swim shirt!

 Babies under the age of 6 months should use minimal to NO sunscreen. A baby’s delicate skin could develop a rash or their pores could become clogged which could lead to over-heating.  Sunscreen should not be your first line of defense! Choose loose-fitting, uv-protective clothing that covers the whole body, a canopy for the stroller, a big sun hat and then if any tiny parts are still exposed use a mineral sunscreen of your choice.. There are two types of sunscreens so it can be up to your own discretion which one you choose. There are ones that use chemicals such as oxybenzone and the ones that use minerals such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.  EWG has a list of the ones they recommend that are mineral-based since the chemical sunscreens could be a potential “hormone disruptor.”  My favorites are Trukid and Kinesys. No matter what you choose, following those basic sun-protection tips for baby will make enjoying the outdoors that much more fun!