I recently read an article highlighting the extreme benefit of wearing UV-protective clothing as opposed to only wearing sunscreen as your sole sun protection. UV-protective clothing is specially treated and designed to filter all UV rays, they provide a physical block that doesn’t wash or wear off like traditional sunscreen, and  they are better at absorbing rays and stopping them from hitting the skin. Since most people don’t apply enough sunscreen or fail to reapply, their attempt at sun protection is ill-fated. The UV-protection of clothing is measured in UPF. Just like a sunscreen SPF the higher the UPF, the greater it blocks UVA and UVB rays.

UPF Factors

UPF factors in order of importance are:

  • Weave — Tightly woven fabric provides greater protection than loosely woven clothing. If you can see light through a fabric, UV rays can get through.
  • Color — Dark colors provide more protection than light colors by preventing more UV rays from reaching your skin.
  • Weight — The heavier the better. The weight of fabric is also called mass or cover factor/
  • Stretch — Clothing with less stretch generally has better UV protection.
  • Wetness — Dry fabric is generally more protective than wet fabric.

(Source: UCSF Medical Center)

So why don’t more people wear uv-prtoective clothing?!

  • Cost
  • Un-stylish
  • Many people STILL believe a tan makes them look healthy

These reasons are FAR from the truth. As far as cost goes, a one-time buy of uv-protective clothing will save you money over the long-term. UV-protective clothing (especially long-sleeve) covers more skin. Skin that you don’t need to apply sunscreen to. You just need to make sure to apply sunscreen to all exposed areas (face, neck, hands, legs and feet).

It is true that in our society, covering up isn’t portrayed as “stylish” or “sexy”, but I will tell you what IS NOT stylish or sexy. Unhealthy, sun-damaged skin. Take a look at the picture below and decide for yourself what is “stylish” and “sexy.”

THIS is stylish and by covering-up you will keep your skin looking sexy!


Source: My Health News Daily