What is chlorine?

We know from general knowledge that chlorine is a chemical put into pools to ward off bacteria and other harmful substances (aka floaters!). HA! Thank goodness for chlorine! Once it’s put into water the chlorine solution breaks up into many different chemicals, including  hypochlorite ions and hypochlorous acid. They kill organisms by attacking the lipids in the cell walls and destroying enzymes and structures inside the cells causing them to become “oxidized and harmless”, to keep our swimming pools safe for swimming. Even though we are thankful for the benefits of chlorine there is still that smell…The smell is a familiar “summer-time” smell. The good ‘ole smell of our chemical-buddies, hypochlorite and hypochlorous, putting in long hours to keep our pool water safe. Just don’t take too big of a whiff, remember chlorine is a chemical.

 But what about us?! What about our uv-protective UV Skinz swim shirts?!

What are the risks associated with swimming in chlorinated H2o?

  • It can irritate skin and trigger rashes; eczema
  • It can cause burning, itchy eyes
  • It can aggravate and/or trigger bronchial problems; even asthma
  • It can have a bleaching effect on hair and clothing

It is definitely the hypochlorite ion that causes fabrics to fade quickly when not rinsed off immediately. The result? Worn and faded looking clothing…

Chlorine-damaged swim shirt...warped!
Chlorine left in clothing can cause the chemicals to eat away at the fibers of a fabric. You rinse the chlorine out of your hair--don't forget your swim shirt!

All of our UV Skinz products are made to be chlorine-resistant. Which means that they will keep their color and shape longer than non-chlorine resistant clothing, BUT you will see the side-effects of chlorine eventually. It’s just that the damage is slowed down. I have seen more than one UV Skinz swim shirt go through three seasons (at the least), from normal wear to hand-me-downs. As you can see from the pics above, the chlorine-damage is undeniable. That kind of damage only happens due to neglect. Treat your UV Skinz how it deserves to be treated. It’s giving you all-day sun protection against 98% of UVA and UVB rays. It’s soft to the touch and dries quickly. Not to mention you look darn cute in it, that’s pretty awesome if you ask me! You live in your Skinz so make it last!

If you want your swim shirt to stand the test-of-time then you must follow the steps below.


  • Rinse your clothing (with yourself in them) with cool clear water immediately after swimming.
  • Wash clothing with mild detergent after each use. I prefer a cold wash and rinse.
  • Allow to air-dry.
  • Do not let your swim shirts soak and fester in a small wet heap at the bottom of the stairs. If you can’t wash right away then do your shirts a courtesy and at least rinse them.
  • DO rinse, wash, wear and REPEAT. 🙂
Turn that frown upside-down! Rinse and wash that chlorine out of your UV Skinz! 🙂