Palm Beach Gardens Elementary School students returned to school to discover a 12-by-12-foot blue canopy covering one of their play structures. With Palm Beach Gardens being on of the first schools in the district to develop a sun-safety policy as part of a partnerships with the Melanoma Foundation it took grants and fundraising to erect the canopy. They utilized the help of board member John P. Kinney, dermatologist, and help from the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation. The canopy cost $16,000 that was partially paid for by $8,000 grant from the American Academy of Dermatology. The grant and fundraising efforts took several years, but now through the dedication of all involved the children can enjoy their playtime without worry of over-exposure to the sun.


Does your school need a canopy? My daughter’s school sure does! Contact the American Academy of Dermatology to get more information. If anyone else has a similar story–please share!