In Madrid, Spain an estimated 700 lives a year are lost to Melanoma. When detected early Melanoma can be cured, but many people still don’t have the proper knowledge or take the proper precautions to protect their skin from deadly UV damage.

Early detection, prevention and the overall cure of the disease can only be achieved through education. It seems that most people respond better to shock-factor. That’s why this campaign created by Think Different. Marketers was genius! They definitely caught the city of Madrid’s attention by strategically placing 700 ice sculptures, representing the 700 lives lost a year to Melanoma, around the city. The message they wanted to convey was that if you stay out in the su, it will melt your skin. 

Powerful to say the least.

Below are a couple of pictures I found that show these sculptures before they melted. You can follow the link here to see a video on the project. Feel free to leave your comments!