With so much talk of all the wrong teenagers are doing; tanning too much, staying out too late and just overall rebellion. It’s nice to hear of the good that some teenagers are doing. Teenagers that are positive healthy role models like Camille Smith, a high school junior, who founded a charity called SkinSavers to warn people, especially teenagers, about the dangers of tanning booths and the sun. Her charity is undertaking a new and more social media aware approach to spreading awareness, a YouTube video contest! SkinSavers raised “$1000 in prize money that will be awarded to the creator of the Melanoma awareness video on YouTube that gets the most views” during the next two months.

“The rules are fairly simple,” explained Smith, “once you register the YouTube video you create with SkinSavers, the person or team who creates the video with the highest number of views during a two month period wins.”

“The video simply has to inform students about Melanoma, and not break any copyright laws.” Smith explains, “Kids ignore adults who say tanning can be dangerous, but it really can be deadly. To the degree people know about Melanoma they don’t think it is a serious cancer, because they think it is a ‘cut it off and you’ll be fine’ kind of cancer. Unfortunately, if Melanoma isn’t caught early, it is a very deadly skin cancer.”

SkinSavers Foundation hopes to receive dozens or hundreds of videos for the contest, and urges people of all ages to participate. The contest will run during a two-month period from 5 pm (Eastern Time) on March 15th, 2012 to 5 pm on May 15th, 2012.

More information can be found about the foundation and contest at SkinSaversFoundation.org.