Models are looked up to for their flawless beauty and bikini bodies. The model image also has a dark side when it comes to being blamed for causing poor self-body image in young girls that has such an effect that it could lead to eating disorders and other unhealthy choices. Another example is that this unrealistic view of models and what is fashionable can give girls the idea that a tanned and unnaturally bronzed skin is beautiful.

According to legend it was Coco Chanel that first popularized the sun tan. From then on the year-round tan has been a staple of model beauty. Luckily, people are learning that using tanning beds can increase your chances of melanoma by 70%. Now Kate Moss modeling agency Storm has joined forces with other modeling agencies in the UK to raise awareness about the dangers of sun bed use and to put tanning out-of-fashion!

“In an anti-sunbed campaign, 11 of the UK’s leading model agencies have signed up to the cancer charity’s mission to counter the fashion of sunbeds, declaring that they will ban their models from artificially tanning and refuse to represent those who use sunbeds.”

The agency Storm hopes that by joining the Cancer Research UK campaign, people who have been stubborn in believing scientific facts about the dangers of tanning bed use will be persuaded by an example set by the fashion industry that tanning is not stylish.

“The charity has teamed up with the Sk:n chain of clinics to offer free skin-scanning sessions throughout February to highlight hidden sun damage. “The idea is that a sunbed user may go along to a skin clinic with their auntie or mum, someone who may ‘an influencer’ for their sunbed use,” said Dr Claire Knight, senior health information officer at Cancer Research UK.

The campaign is targeted at all ages, she said, but stressed that the evidence shows that using sunbeds at a younger age can be ‘significantly harmful’.”

This is huge! So many young people are directly affected by the media and to have a top model and other models join together to fight the tan is a step in the right direction. The World Health Organization characterizes tanning bed use as a human carcinogen that 30 million people in the U.S. expose themselves to, yearly. This disease doesn’t just affect Americans. The UK has noticed the cases of melanoma quadruple in the last 30 years and  is the second most common form of cancer in 15 to 34-year-olds.

No tan is worth your life!

I haven’t heard any other news about the steps that have been taken since the announcement of this campaign in February, but I hope in the near future we get to see how it unravels.