Today marks the beginning of a month filled with free skin cancer screenings, fundraising events and melanoma warriors all fighting for the same cause–to raise awareness about the dangers of skin cancer and how to prevent it. This month is also a very exciting one for UV Skinz because in honor of Skin Cancer Awareness month we will be gifting, for the fifth year in a row, a free baby swim shirt for every order purchased during the month of May for our “I Saved A Baby’s Skin With UV Skinz” campaign!

We are also proud to announce the continuation of our “My First Skinz” program by donating the baby sun protection clothing to selected maternity wards and pediatricians’

UV Skinz will be including a free special edition 12/24m Baby Skinz with every order placed during the month of May.

offices. The baby UV swim shirts will be donated  to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in California, Peace Health Southwest Medical Center in Washington, Enloe Children’s Health Center in California, and  Sonora Regional Medical Center, in Sonora, California, where UV Skinz is headquartered. It’s important to us that babies benefiting from this program along with their parents will be able to say, “What’s a Sunburn?”  Just one childhood sunburn can more than double your chances of developing skin cancer in adulthood. Also, between 1980-2004 the annual incidence of melanoma among young people, especially women, has increased by 50%. It is very crucial that good healthy sun protection habits are started at an early age!  When Rhonda lost her husband to melanoma in 2001, leaving her with three small boys, it was their future health and happiness that led Rhonda to found UV Skinz. Ever since, UV Skinz has never lost sight of the goal to get kids covered. Teaching our children good sun-safety habits is important so that they continue these practices into adulthood. UV Skinz makes it easy with comfortable, high-quality, and stylish swim shirts.

“We’re excited to once again be featuring our ‘My First Skinz’ program, which has had great success in
previous years on educating families about the harmful effects of sun exposure in infants. The free baby
swim shirt giveaway gets families in the early habit of making sure their children have adequate sun
protection – not just through sunscreen, which can be irritating to skin – but through our UV swim shirts
and UPF 50+ clothing,” says company founder, Rhonda Sparks. “We’ve built a full community on our
website to educate people about the damaging effects of the sun. Our informative Baby Sun Protection
webpage describes how parents can protect their children’s fragile skin.”

Remember for every order placed during May you will find our special edition “What’s A Sunburn” Baby Skinz inside your package! Please pay-it-forward by donating this shirt to a child so they will never know what a sunburn is. There will be a flyer within each order asking for you to pass along the Baby Skinz to a needy organization; your local women’s shelter, red cross, maternity ward, mommies group, a friend or family member. The possibilities are endless!  We would love to hear where the Baby Skinz end up. Feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook Page. 

We hope that through everyone’s efforts we can reach our goal of giving away 7,500 swim shirts for babies this May!

If you would like to know more about the campaign feel free to email, call 1-877-887-5468 or read the official press release here.

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