The diagnosis of cancer or any other life-threatening disease can hit like a ton of bricks and can leave the lives it touches in shambles. In these times of uncertainty, waiting, and living here are some ways that you can help someone on their cancer journey. Please feel free to add more in the comments section if I’ve left something out.

  1. LISTEN.
  2. Ask; “How are you?”
  3. Let them keep the remote to the TV.
  4. Stock their freezer full of meals.
  5. Go to chemo with them.
  6. Organize a carpool; to work, from work, to and from hospital visits.
  7. Donate your sick leave.
  8. Donate to a fund.
  9. LAUGH with them.
  10. Babysit
  11. Send encouraging notes and cards.
  12. Send gift and food baskets.
  13. Treat them the same. No discomfort in their presence, no groping for the right words…
  14. HUGS
  15. Spiritual support
  16. Organize a chore committee to help with laundry, cooking and cleaning.
  17. Create a fund to help pay for travel to and from distant treatment facilities.
  18. Use online support to organize for meal delivery from local restaurants and grocery delivery.
  19. Collect and put together a small box of gifts with instructions to open 1 gift a day.
  20. Just be there.

Ideas were collected from WhatNext.