Today’s post is written by Wendy from ABCs and Garden Peas. She recently reviewed UV Skinz and definitely knows the benefit of teaching healthy sun protection habits. She also blogs on topics such as real food, attachment parenting, breastfeeding, natural/organic brands, gardening, and local treasures!

Read on to find out the importance of sun protection for men and boys…

My son and his daddy might as well be attached at the hip. Everywhere Daddy goes, my little man is close behind, watching, learning, and usually asking “Why!?” And it’s never more true than when Daddy heads outside.

We live on a large, rural property that requires lots of time outdoors. Just mowing the lawn can take the biggest part of a day, then there’s the garden, trimming, flower beds, etc. It all adds up to lots of time in the sun for my husband and his little sidekick. That’s why I’m always on them about protecting their skin with sunscreen.

Why is skin protection such a problem for men?

Whether it’s golfing, running, or mowing the lawn, most of the daily activities common to men require a lot of time outdoors. Like most men, my husband doesn’t think a lot about skin care products. He’s much less likely than I am to think about skin care, and much more likely to have more skin exposed (neither of my boys like to wear a shirt outdoors.) It all adds up to higher risk for sun damage and skin cancer. The very thought makes me cringe, especially when I think of the effects on my little boy’s delicate skin.

Prevention is key.

It might earn me the title of “Naggy Mommy,” but I make sure that sunscreen is a daily habit in our house. That means during the height of summer, but also during the rest of the year – even cloudy days.  I figure, if I keep on them for now, applying sunscreen will become second nature, and my son will have adopted a healthy habit at a really early age.

Guys heading outside? Remind them of these important skin care tips:

  • Be careful not to neglect ears, nose, hands and the back of the neck.
  • Bald spot or thin hair? Yup, that scalp can burn too. Hats are great for protection!
  • Sunscreen doesn’t work if you only put it on once and then forget about it. Is Daddy working up a sweat? Make sure to reapply!
  • Pay careful attention to skin, and report any changes in color or texture to your physician. Men who go shirtless need more skin checks and they can’t see their backs, so lets lend them a hand on a monthly basis, ladies!

Like I said, whatever my husband does, my son wants to do it, too. Sure, it gets a little frustrating at times, but why not use that interest to your advantage while it lasts? Encourage the men in your life to model healthy habits for the little ones that idolize them. A little sunscreen now can make a big difference later, especially when you start ‘em young!