National Skin Cancer Action Week began on the 18th and will continue through November 24th. Our neighbors ‘down under’ are urging men over 45-years-old to “watch your back.” Men are more likely to work outside, ignore health warnings and may have spent a lot of unprotected time outdoors as a child–before there were skin cancer awareness campaigns.

National Skin Cancer Action Week has the support of two former pro tennis players and skin cancer survivors, John Newcombe and Tony Roche.

After spending many hours in the sun during their tennis careers, Newcombe and Roche understand the importance of being sun-safe. They are teaching men two easy ways they can “watch their backs”:

  1. Always protect yourself in the sun; sunscreen, seeking shade, covering-up.
  2. Check your entire body and ask your partner to check your back and anywhere else you can’t see yourself.

“No matter what your age it’s never too late to reduce your risk and prevent further damage.”

With  one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world the Australian government has shown full support of Skin Cancer Action Week. They are committed to educating all ages on the importance of sun protection. Go Aussies!!

Check this out!

“Queensland Health’s revealing new app “Sun Effects Booth” allows  young people to see the future impact of sun damage and how they  will look if their sun safety habits don’t improve. You can find the free “Sun Effects Booth” App at the iTunes  store.