kristin bednar
We had the absolute honor of being able to donate UV Skinz products (key chains, umbrella hats and sun shirts) to the 2013 Kristin Bednar Memorial Surf Camp for children with Autism. This year they had 90 children register! The day was filled with lots and lots of surfing, smiles, learning and sun protection education.
Learn more about the Kristin Bednar Memorial Surf Camp!
How was the surf camp founded and why is it named after Kristen Bednar?
The surf camp was founded by Jessica Guberman and her dad Warren Zufall over seven years ago after Jess did a college paper on the benefits of water therapy.  Kristen Bednar was a local teacher who was very involved with the camp from the start.  Kristen was killed in a snow mobile accident and Jess decided to dedicate the camp in her name after her death.  Her family is a huge help the day of camp. The Surf Camp is a program Jess brought with her to SCFU.  The company itself also runs wonderful programs for autistic adults.  Their program promotes independence, individuality and productivity for adults and children with Autism

Does Special Citizens organize any other events?

We are planning a possible 5k or silent auction for the coming year.  I was just appointed Development Associate two months ago, which is a first for SCFU so we’re looking forward to many different possibilities

 What was the most fulfilling part of the event–did one moment stand out?

Seeing all the children with their families cheering them on was probably the most fulfilling part.  I have a video of the moment when one of the kids finally stayed on his board and hearing all the parents cheer him on brought tears to my eyes, still does.  😉

How were the donated UV Skinz items distributed?

We had a registration table set up with the key chains and brochures as well as beach towels with all the UV Skinz merchandise set up by size.  Families were told to pick one for their child.

 Did any children with autism wear the UV Skinz sun shirts that day? If so, were they comfortable wet and dry?

Absolutely!  Many of the children changed into their shirts and loved them!  We only heard positive responses and complete appreciation of the donations.

 Enjoy the photos!! 

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