AIM at Melanoma is an organization that we have partnered with on many occasions to help further their mission of increasing “support for melanoma research; to promote prevention and education among the general public and medical professionals; and to provide comprehensive and easily accessible melanoma resources for patients, survivors, and caregivers.”

Through fundraising, 5k run/walks and other educational events AIM at Melanoma reaches thousands of people across the U.S and many more world wide. In 2013 and years before, we have been able to donate UV Skinz UV protective clothing, umbrella hats and UV detector key chains to AIM for the Cure melanoma run/walks. Through our donations we have had the honor to show our support and commitment to the education of people, young and old, about the dangers and risks of skin cancer. Many people that participate in these events are walking for family members that have passed away from the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma. A skin cancer that can be treated if detected early. This drive for awareness and remembrance of a loved one is the same thing that drives Founder of UV Skinz, Rhonda Sparks, to continue to raise melanoma awareness and promote sun safe habits through each UV Skinz sun shirt or hat that we manufacture.

For awareness…For a cure…For life…that is why we do all that we do.¬†


Through our involvement in the AIM for the Cure melanoma walks we have had the chance to reach over 5,000 people at sixteen events across the United States. Here is the short list ūüėČ

1.       Quincy, IL

2.       Little Rock, AR

3.       St. Petersburg, FL

4.       Omaha, NE

5.       Dallas, TX

6.       Galveston, TX

7.       Knoxville, TN

8.       Portland, OR

9.       Fullerton, CA

10.   Alameda, CA

11.   Amarillo, TX

12.   Houston, TX

13.   Bloomington, IL

14.   Milford, MI

15.   Charlotte, NC

16.   Escondido, CA

The photos from each event tell a story that can be seen with the eyes, but felt with the heart. It is just amazing how many people from all walks of life come together for a common cause, a cure. We can only hope that our knowledge of the disease will continue to increase so that one day a cure can be found. Until then we all need to stay vigilant with our sun safe habits; say no to intentional tanning, wear sunscreen, wear UV protective clothing, hats, and seek the shade often.

Enjoy the photos and if you would like to see more and/or learn more about AIM at Melanoma you can visit their website by clicking here.