Gratitude Giveaway


Gratitude turns what we have into enough and more! Being grateful everyday for the people in our lives that help us along this crazy journey is something we owe to them and ourselves. Who you are grateful for? We are giving you a chance to tell someone in your life how grateful you are for them and put them in the running to win a $200 UV Skinz shopping spree!  Is there a person in your life that has helped you through a hard time? Someone that has lent a helping hand when you least expected it?

You can nominate this person (or people) from now until December 2, 2013 on our Facebook Fan Page.

How to nominate someone:grateful_uvskinz

  1. Visit the UV Skinz Facebook Fan Page here.
  2. Look for the Gratitude Giveaway post at the top of our timeline.
  3. In the comments tag the person you want to nominate and state the reasons why. Be detailed and to the point because each entry will be read by the UV Skinz Team in order to decide the winner. ie: “I would like to nominate my best friend @yourfriendsname because I am grateful for her unconditional friendship. Whenever I need help with anything from children, laundry or just a shoulder to lean on she is there! I don’t know how I could have made it through some of the toughest times in my life without her and for that I am forever grateful! She deserves to win this gift from UV Skinz for these reasons and more! I am grateful for her!!”  (Feel free to give the person you are nominating a heads up so that they can visit our page and receive their free gift!!)
  4. We are giving each person nominated a FREE GIFT!!

gratitude (1)

If you are nominated!!! (How exciting!) 

  1. Find your friend’s awesome post and {like} all of the wonderful things they have said about you! 😉
  2. Click on the Gratitude Giveaway tab (to the right of our ‘Photos’) and follow the instructions to receive your FREE GIFT!