As you may already know, every year during the month of May, UV Skinz runs a campaign in honor of Skin Cancer Awareness month titled “Save a Baby’s Skin” where we give away a “My First Skinz” Certified UPF 50+ Baby Sun Shirt FREE with every order. With each shirt we donate, we hope to raise awareness about the importance of sun safety–especially at a young age when skin is most delicate and easily damaged–and encourage families everywhere to protect their little ones from dangerous UV radiation by covering them up! The best way to do this? With UV Skinz UPF certified 50+ sunwear 🙂


…be sure to post pictures of your little ones in these shirts with the hashtag #whatsasunburn and tag @uvskinz

Want to help us spread awareness about our “Save a Baby’s Skin” campaign? Tell as many people as you can about the campaign and our mission, and be sure to post pictures of your little ones in these shirts with the hashtag #whatsasunburn and tag @uvskinz! You can do this on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram…or all of the above! Not too social media savy? Send your pics to and we’ll do the posting for you! Not only would we LOVE to see the adorable cuties our “My First Skinz” shirts end up on, but seeing pictures of babies covered up will encourage other parents to do the same with their little ones!

For more information on the campaign, or to shop our variety of adult, children, and baby sunwear and accessory options, click here.