Top Reasons to Travel

Traveling is good for the soul and provides opportunity for enlightenment and growth, and despite the common misconception, it CAN be affordable. Taking a trip will likely make you happier than that new big screen TV in the long run, so what are you waiting for? Need a little more encouragement? Here are some top reasons you should start traveling now:

Studies show that money spent on travel will make you happier than money spent on material goods. In 20 years are you likely to smile reminiscing over  that hot new smart phone you bought when you were 25, or zip lining over the Rangitikei Canyon in beautiful New Zealand? I’ll let you think about that one…

Trip length doesn’t affect post-trip happiness. A short trip will make you feel just as happy. For those of you who’s favorite excuse is “I just don’t have the time to go anywhere”: This is frankly bogus, and your thought process is doing you a disservice. If a day or two is all the free time you can muster, plan a weekend getaway by yourself, or even better, with your significant other. A mini-vacation can be just as enjoyable as an extended one, and can be a breath of fresh air for you and for your relationship. This leads me to the next point…

Couples who travel together report increased levels of relationship satisfaction and intimacy. Working together to navigate through an unfamiliar place, seeing beautiful and historic sites and exploring endless mountain terrain and breathtaking lakes, oceans and rivers …Traveling provides endless opportunity for individual–as well as relationship–growth. Couples will often participate in activities while on vacation that they may not have the opportunity to participate in otherwise: Parasailing over a crystal clear ocean, snorkeling with tropical sea creatures, riding in a jeep through the jungle on an exotic safari…Seeing and trying new things together can really give your relationship an intimacy boost. Making memories together while traveling is a bonding exercise that you will both appreciate looking back on in the years to come.

Traveling CAN BE affordable. The ticket is usually the only big cost. A massage in Bali is $6…A bowl of Pad Thai noodles in Thailand is less than $3….a one night stay in a castle in England is $150…The memories you gain experiencing any and/or all of the previously stated experiences? PRICELESS. Click here for a blog post with good information and great sources on how to travel cheap.

Traveling can actually make you smarter (and just a better human being in general). Seeing the world and experiencing different cultures provides the kind of education and perspective not currently available in a classroom. Meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures while traveling can show you the way you look at the world is not the way everybody else does, and that this vast earth you live on is much bigger and far more beautiful than you ever imagined. Traveling will often times humble you, and inspire you to do more, see more, and be more.

Planning a trip can be challenging, but overcoming that challenge is pretty darn empowering. Prove to yourself you can do what you set out to do, and do it! Following through with travel plans isn’t always easy, but if you commit and follow through you will be a happier and more confident person because of it. Being able to reflect back on the memories you’ve made during your backpacking trip through Europe or your romantic getaway to the Bahamas will give you the kind of satisfaction that frankly, you can’t get watching “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” while eating leftovers on your expensive Lazy Boy….

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan a trip.


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