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We’re an eccentric bunch here at UV Skinz, but more importantly, we’re an informative and helpful bunch too! In honor of the recent launch of our travel-inspired UV Skinz Resort Collection, we’ve decided to share our favorite tips and best advice to help beginning travelers as well as vacationing pros travel more efficiently and enjoyably. While we aren’t “technically” travel-experts, combined our crew has visited over 40 countries, including Barbados, Ireland, Turkey, Peru, Spain, Australia, and Egypt–to name a few. In addition to international travel, we have had our share of road trips and hiking adventures, with our design guru, Tim, having “driven across the US from New York City, New York to Santa Cruz, California, backpacked through Yellowstone, Glacier Park, The Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Crater Lake and Death Valley, AS WELL AS all over Tuolumne, Mariposa and Calaveras County” (someone clearly doesn’t get out much). Needless to say,  we have a bit of experience under our seat belts ;).

So, without further ado, here are the UV Skinz’ Top Travel Tips:

“Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path and push the limits. We had our 6 & 8 year old boys asking to go to a particular lake this year that is a 8 mile hike. They did awesome!” – JasonCustomer Satisfaction Team

8 mile hike Jason’s wife, Jodi and sons Everett and Carter after hike to Relief Reservoir

packingRolling clothes saves space and avoids wrinkles. Photo from

“Roll your clothes instead of folding them so you can fit more in your suitcase. It prevents wrinkles and also eliminates a lot of digging through layers of clothes to find something.” Gerri, Marketing 


“Fight the urge to book through discount sites for hotels. Often when you do this, you aren’t guaranteed the type of room you want (2 Queens vs. 1 King, for example) and it’s difficult for hotel representatives to make adjustments to your reservation if it hasn’t been made through them. When you book directly with a hotel, 99% of the time you will get the same or better prices (AAA & government discounts are always a plus!), and you’ll get better service 100% of the time.” –Michelle T., Brand Outreach/Digital Communications

hotelPhoto Credit: Home Alone 2


COPY of passportIf traveling out of the country, bring a copy of your passport.



“If traveling out of the country, bring a copy of your passport. If you end up losing the original, having a copy greatly expedites the process of getting a new one. E-mail yourself a scanned copy or take a picture with your phone.” – Stacey, Product Development Team



“When going to a destination where large crowds are expected or likely, dress your entire family in the same bright print or color to make it easier to spot your group. And if you have little ones, write your cell phone number on the back of their hand in case you get separated. Michelle C., Customer Satisfaction Team

michelle travelMichelle C. vacationing with her sons, Ryan and Alex (left to right)


Add textDon’t be this girl. Pack light!



“Pack a light suitcase so you can stuff it full on the way home with souvenirs, and be sure to include a pair of comfy shoes for walking around and exploring.” – Stacey, Product Development Team




“As a family when we are hiking, we pack a plastic bag just in case we need to pickup other hikers trash, so the next person doesn’t have their 2 yr old find a beer can and try to drink it.”  – JasonCustomer Satisfaction Team

b canJason and family enjoying the outdoors


Photo from shoe lost its kid! Photo from


“Travelling with kids is always fun, but be sure to keep extra shoes in the car. You never know when a little one will lose a shoe or forget it. Kimbre, Customer Satisfaction Team



“For camping and backpacking: Layout your gear and take a photo. It will help you remember everything the next time you plan a trip.” – Chris, Graphic Design

Packlist backpackingChris’ Backpacking Essentials


UV Skinz under waterSarah and friend snorkeling while staying sun safe in UV Skinz


Be sure to pack sun protective clothing like UV Skinz for all your vacations, especially if you plan to participate in any outdoor and/or water activities including kayaking or snorkeling adventures. These shirts will literally save your neck (and shoulders, and back). Sarah, Wholesale Accounts 



“Take a journal and try to write in it at the end of each day of your trip.  It’s so easy to forget details and long after your trip ends you can read over your highlights and relive some of the best moments. This also comes in handy if someone you know is going to be traveling to the same place and wants tips or advice on places to visit or eat. ” – Sarah, Wholesale Accounts

Journal 2There’s always time for a pastry, some tea, and a little reflecting.


Patrick, his wife Aimee, and their darling little girls visiting Oceanside -  I spy a UV Skinz Sunsuit!Patrick, his wife Aimee and their darling little girls visiting Oceanside – I spy a UV Skinz Sunsuit!




“Don’t wear a belt to the airport. You’re just going to have to take it off anyway.” – Patrick, Accounting  





“Make your RV more like home with some personal touches before you go.  I always wanted a cabin, so my wife made ours very mountain cabin-feeling!  We also love checklists for RV camping.  A quick Google search offers a few templates you can personalize so you don’t have to recreate your entire list.” – Jason, Customer Satisfaction Team

rv interiorThe Mockabee Family RV


mike poeMike (far right, in his UV Skinz Hoodie) and the guys after winning the Waldorf Cup!


“TRAVELING TIP FOR ALL GOLFERS: Always make sure you pack an extra pair of pants just in case you get a hole in one.” Mike, Warehouse Team


“When taking a vacation, let yourself BE on vacation. Stop worrying about the things you have to get back to. If you’re visiting the beach, take your shoes off and wade in the water. Walk along the beach and let your feet sink in the sand. It may be chilly, and you will probably have to deal with sandy shoes later, but the feeling you’ll get from the cool water, the salty ocean air stinging your nose, and the vibrant colors you’ll see looking out beyond the sea…that’ll be worth a little wet sand.” – Michelle T., Brand Outreach/Digital Communications

Untitled design (5)Michelle T. enjoying the cold ocean water in Santa Cruz, California

“My BIGGEST travel tip no matter where you go, who you are and who you meet is to ask questions and then simply listen. The best things I’ve ever witnessed, ate or drank in my travels has been a direct result of sitting and listening to either a local or another tourist. I’ve seen hidden castles, drank the “world’s greatest” beer, given free back stage tickets to a rock concert, crawled through caves, stayed in homes older than the US, given private tours of hidden parts of huge cities, been fed amazing meals and made some life long friends. All because I listened.Tim, Creative Design

tim castleTim and a hidden castle in Turnhout, Belgium

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