the water jacket

Disclosure statement: While I do work for UV Skinz, and some may say this may come off biased, what I am about to tell you here is factual. UV Skinz Water Jacket is THE BEST WATER JACKET IN THE WORLD 😉

Okay, so I can’t PROVE this to be an actual fact, but our Water Jacket is seriously awesome. Not only is it awesome, it’s a BEST SELLER for women, which means we’re not the only ones who think it’s so awesome! Let me break down some features in bullet form—because who doesn’t love bullets? The Women’s Water Jacket….

  • Is lightweight and made with quick drying stretch knit fabric

  • Has front pockets

  • Features a relaxed fit

  • Comes in 6 different colors (ladies need options!)

  • Zipper pull turns orange to alert when you’re being exposed to harmful UV radiation

  • Is certified UPF 50+ so it protects against over 98% of UVA and UVB radiation that attempts to penetrate the garment

  • Retails for $55.95 (similar products go for around $80)

This jacket is a sun protective staple that we recommend for any woman who spends time outdoors (i.e., every woman!). And like I mentioned earlier, we’re not the only ones who think our Women’s Water Jacket is the bee’s knees, our customers think so too! Here’s what a few had to say:

“I have chronic hives and react to the sun and the heat {and} wearing the jacket greatly minimized the breakout. What also really surprised me was how wonderful the fabric feels against my skin. I was concerned that the fabric could cause a flare-up, but it’s very breathable and feels like silk against my skin. I’m definitely glad I bought it, and highly recommend it to others.” – Kristina from BC, Canada

“Let’s just say I wish I would have found this jacket sooner! I love this jacket it protects my skin on very hot days but I don’t feel like I am even wearing a jacket. I love the thumb slit to slip your thumb through and pull the jacket over my hands. The jacket style is very flattering and goes with just about anything I have them in several colors love them!!!!!!!!! And now my family and friends are starting to order theirs too!” – Nurse Minnie

(Read a full list of reviews here)

040201-LifestyleWater Jacket in White (Shown with Active Swim Shorts)

Worried our Water Jacket is only appropriate for water activities? Think again! According to our customers this jacket works great during:

  • Everyday tasks around the house

  • Hanging laundry outside

  • Getting the mail

  • Walking through vineyards

  • General sightseeing

  • Going to parades

  • Shopping at farmer’s markets

  • All the times you are in the sun for a prolonged amount of time

So BAM! There you have it. And guess what? You can get 15% off this product and everything else on our website now through August 16, 2015 with coupon code SUMMER15 at checkout.

Well? What are you waiting for! 🙂 Check out our full collection of Water Jackets for the whole family here.