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Donna Moncivaiz | Time is Precious

Several months ago, I connected with an inspiring woman fighting melanoma named Donna Moncivaiz for a ‘My Story‘ feature on our blog. We recently learned that Donna passed away after a long 4 year battle with the cancer, and our hearts couldn’t feel heavier. Donna was brave, honest, and sincere, and wanted to make a difference by educating others about the seriousness of melanoma and the importance of wearing sun protection…and she did just that. Donna’s legacy will live on through her family, friends, and through her eye-opening and honest writings. In lieu of a ‘My Story’ this month, we’d like to share a post Donna wrote a few years back on her Chicago Now blog titled, Time is what you make it“. We encourage you to take Donna’s advice below, and to share her powerful words with others…

Donna, may you rest in peace knowing you have changed the lives of so many. You will be missed! ♡

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“Time is precious.  If I could only share one thing with you, that would be it.  Every single day is a gift.  Even the days you’re mad at your kids, or your boss, or the love of your life.  Don’t hate Mondays…and don’t live just to get to Friday.  Friday might, or might not, get here.

Live in the moment.  Be spontaneous.  The dusty furniture will still be there tomorrow.  Go to a movie you’ve been wanting to see.  Or maybe you’d rather watch Duck Dynasty, or reruns of CSI.  Take a walk, or go for a bike ride.

Go ice skating.  Go bowling.  Go see the bean at Millenium Park.  Go to see something cool in another town.  Maybe Chicago IS another town for you.  Play golf, whether you’re good at it or not.  And if you’re not, enjoy it anyway.

Smile at strangers.  It’ll make you feel good.  Pay for coffee for the guy in line behind you at Starbucks.  It’ll make you feel good.  Be nice to someone who maybe isn’t being nice to you.  It’ll make you feel good.

Hug your kids.  Put notes in their lunch bags.  They love it.  They won’t admit it, but they love it.  Tell them their favorite bedtime story…every time they want to hear it…even if it’s the 746th time you’ve read it to them.  They’ll never forget it.

Call your Mom.

Spend more time with your siblings.  After all, you survived childhood together.  At least one weekend a year in Door County is a must!   There’s nothing like sharing a few cold ones with your siblings and laughing over good times.

Really…call your Mom.  And call your Dad too.

Volunteer for an organization that really means something to you.  That will really make you feel good.  Find your passion, and give back…regularly.

Drink good wine, and maybe some Jack Daniels.  Eat cheeseburgers and yes, the fries too!  Indulge yourself, now and then.

Be kind to others.  None of us knows the struggles people endure.

And for God’s sake, wear sunscreen.  Every.  Single.  Day.”

By Donna Moncivaiz, September 25, 2013 at 9:38 pm. Originally posted on Chicago Now.


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